Texas personal injury cases
lawsuits / Litigation / Arbitration


If you ever suffer harm from an accident or injury in Texas, and someone else is responsible for that harm, you may want to open a personal injury case. Personal injury cases are legal disputes that establish fault and the extent of damages, then distribute compensation based on that information. They typically reach resolution in one of three ways.

Formal Lawsuit

A Dallas / Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can help you file a formal personal injury lawsuit that can officially establish negligence or malice on the part of the defendant. Once you, the plaintiff, prove your standing in the lawsuit, a judge can determine legitimate compensation you deserve.

Informal Settlement

Many disputes are solved long before they reach the courtroom through informal settlements. The plaintiff, defendant, and lawyers and insurance representatives for both sides will negotiate a settlement. The written agreement is binding and will forgo any further actions against each party involved in the lawsuit.


Arbitration provides a formal alternative to litigation. Less expensive and quicker than a formal lawsuit, there is greater flexibility because the process is mediated by a neutral third party, who will hear all the facts about the injury-causing incident and then render a decision that is fair and just.

Personal injury cases in Texas are typically initiated when a private individual files a civil complaint against a person, business, or government agency. They can happen in both the private and public sectors. A Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, or El Paso personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the legal landscape of this complex procedure.